Are you trading U.S. stocks?  Then allgorite is for you!

allgorite is a trend following model that gives you highly reliable U.S. stock buy signals. It supports both private and institutional traders in finding equities with a high growth potential in most market situations. The underlying algorithm incorporates the latest findings of behavioral economics and is patented. Offers start at 19.95 USD per month with a 14 day money back guarantuee.

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About allgorite

allgorite offers a best in class trend following model. Its underlying patented algorithm has been used by consumers and business for more than 8 years.

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The Algorithm

In the past allgorite’s underlying algorithm had an exceptionally high hit rate of close to 90 percent.

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The Products

We offer three different products for short or long term investments. You can order directly from our shop or download our apps from the App Store.

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Performance Results

allgorite recommendations outperformed the market in most years. Read more about the performance results since 2001 and trading rules used. You can also check past performances for the last 12 months.

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The allgorite Blog!

Get some insights, comments and information about our recommendations.