allgorite – for a better investment performance on the U.S. stock market

After eight years of intensive development allgorite was launched. Its innovative investment algorithm has helped open up thousands of stocks within the U.S. stock market – to business customers and private investors alike. The innovative rating criteria allow allgorite an exceptionally high success rate of over 70 percent. We provide you with reliable information for your trading decisions, which is derived from the endless stream of market-relevant information. We at allgorite, provide you with recommendations, and you make the buying or selling decisions. You have the choice between different options, depending on your risk factor and analysis horizon.

The algorithm

WDC-Graph-180-trading-daysallgorite uses its qualitatively new algorithm to outperform the forecasting quality of conventional investment algorithms. allgorite’s recommendations, which have now also been made available to private customers, had an exceptionally high past success rate of over 70 percent.

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The products

Do you want to take advantage of opportunities on the equities market on a daily basis or only trade occasionally with a longer-term investment horizon? Now with allgorite you have the ability: you can order allgorite directly from our shop and will receive up to two buy recommendations for the U.S. stock market  - either every day or once a week. If you prefer to use our apps, allgorite sends up to two buy recommendations for the U.S. stock market to your iPhone – either every day or once a week. Then you make the purchase decision. The table shows the cost of a subscription. Are there any hidden costs? None whatsoever!

  • 1-month period of use
  • 1-quarter period of use
  • 1-year period of use
  • Recommendations
  • USD 21.99
  • USD 59.99
  • USD 229.99
  • Max. 2 / US stock exch. trading week
  • USD 99.99
  • USD 239.99
  • USD 899.99
  • Max. 2 / US stock exch. trading day

Prices are given without potential discounts. Swiss VAT (8%) is included. Non-Swiss residents pay the net amount.

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Test results

allgorite has successfully completed the first major live test of its innovative algorithm already in 2006. Since then, the algorithm has been constantly developed and improved. The current long-term tests of our latest products for private customers, allgorite daily and allgorite weekly, are delivering excellent results. It is time to start trading.

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