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Every investor follows its own trading strategy. Therefore it is almost impossible for us to provide performance results that suit each individual investor’s trading strategy. On this webpage we show the generic and overall performance of our recommendations. The results are outstanding: The overall hit rate it nearly 90%. Within six weeks after buy most of our trades have a minimum of 2% profit gain, independent of the overall market trend!

Even shares that took a dive after buy recouped within a couple of days and ended up being sold with profit. That shows the power of our enhanced trend following model. In order for the performance results to be as realistic as possible and to limit risks, we deliberately chose not to set the sales criteria to absolute profit maximization.

allgorite performance from 2001 – 2013

Our products allgorite daily and allgorite weekly overwhelmingly outperformed the reference indices S&P 500 and Dow Jones during the period from 2001 to 2013. The capability of allgorite to decouple from market conditions and to identify promising securities even when the stock market is in a long-term downward trend is definitely evident in crisis years.

allgorite daily, which offers greater opportunities but also higher potential risks – compared to allgorite weekly – has proven to be an extremely successful tool over the analysis period.

allgorite weekly is more defensive and geared towards sustainable development. As you can see in the performance charts, it also managed to decouple from the market trend and achieve extraordinary profits.


allgorite performance simulation – preset

In our simulations we used the following preset:

  • Buy @ open
  • Stop Loss 10% below Buy
  • Trailing-Stop-Loss (TSL) 1% after a profit of 2% was reached
  • Sell when TSL was triggered

Slightly changing the preset may lead to different results. We do not ask you to follow exactly these presets as you know better what type of risk profile you like to follow. Please have a look at our performance check above to find out real performance of our recommendations. Further details are available at: Successful trading.