The company

A few years ago, the founders of allgorite were faced with the question of how to identify promising U.S. equities and the best way of buying them. They began to develop an algorithm that could do this – at first only for themselves.

The first live trades based on the algorithm were carried out in 2006. The results were outstanding. Since 2007, the algorithm has been further developed and optimized. When Stock iQ GmbH was founded in 2012, the fathers of allgorite immediately ended their hitherto successful careers to pursue their common goal. In early 2013, the young company won its first business customer, who has been achieving great results based on allgorite’s recommendations ever since.

Requests from friends and acquaintances to make the results available to private customers promted the founders to start developing iPhone apps. Both apps were launched in September 2013. In November 2013 a web-based offer for all platforms was introduced.

Stock-iQ is a reliable partner for ambitious private investors and business customers. More products are under development.